Work-life balance

No matter if you are part of a design team in a corporation or a freelance photographer, you need to spend quality time with your family and friends. More and more companies are realizing this and they are launching different programs to tackle this problem. However, freelancers deal with work-life balance everyday without help.

In Worka we know this problem firsthand and that is why we are committed to help creatives to manage it. It is widely accepted that a good work-life balance help you succeed in your professional career. Moreover, the more hours you spend working, the less productive you are. Good time optimization will make your inspiration fly while you can handle other problems in your day-to-day life.

Everyone has their way of doing it. Anyway, we have spotted techniques and tools that tend to work. Take a look at this content for improving your work-life balance and therefore, being on top of everything.


money management is key for freelancers
February 21, 2018

Money Management Tips for Freelancers

Money management is normally not a simple task and less for freelancers whom for example do not get taxes deducted out of their paychecks every month. Freelancers can incur in debt if they do not manage their money properly.

Journaling expenses, budgeting or having an emergency fund are some of the strategies to improve money management. Moreover, you will stop worrying about finances and will be able to enjoy more your free time.

money management can improve your motivation

Make your money management something that boosts your motivation – Photo Credit to Raw Pixel

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December 4, 2017

Work-Life Balance Strategies for Freelancers

The bar has been set high, maybe too much. We are expected to have a social life, do sports, be up to date to the last chapter of the series on vogue, be aware of the last political news and of course spend quality time with the family. Balancing all these aspects of your life can be difficult. Moreover, if you are a freelancer the boundaries between work and the rest of the aspects can be blurry. Even more nowadays, as we are constantly connected to our tablets or phones answering emails or taking phone calls. That is why we will give some work-life balance strategies.

Work-like balance strategies make freelancers happier

Managing your time gives you freedom and control of your life – Photo Credit to Brooke Cagle

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