Work-Life Balance Strategies for Freelancers

The bar has been set high, maybe too much. We are expected to have a social life, do sports, be up to date to the last chapter of the series on vogue, be aware of the last political news and of course spend quality time with the family. Balancing all these aspects of your life can be difficult. Moreover, if you are a freelancer the boundaries between work and the rest of the aspects can be blurry. Even more nowadays, as we are constantly connected to our tablets or phones answering emails or taking phone calls. That is why we will give some work-life balance strategies.

Work-like balance strategies make freelancers happier

Managing your time gives you freedom and control of your life – Photo Credit to Brooke Cagle

Good news! – Perks of being a freelancer

You are your own boss

Being a freelancer means you decide the workload you want to assume and also how to manage it. Therefore, the risk of burn out is reduced. Also having the possibility of choosing your daily schedule allows you to give importance and time to other activities like exercising or having family lunch. This possibility should make you more productive because you are in charge of your time.

Not having to commute (that much)

Some freelancers decide to work from home what is a clear perk but means you have to be serious about setting boundaries. Other freelancers prefer to work from co-working spaces or a coffee shop. However, the average time of commuting is reduced.

Choose your clients

You are able to pick your own clients what means that if you manage your time properly you can have several projects and are able to work on projects you enjoy. Therefore, you will have more creations to add to your personal portfolio. If you need help to create your online portfolio this article offers some good tips.

Low expenses

The cost of being a freelance is relatively small. Strictly you only need a computer and a table with a chair, which are not very expensive. Moreover, as already said, you have the possibility of working for several projects what results in more sources of income.


work-life balance strategies like a clean desktop

A clean desktop: the perfect start for your freelance journey – Photo Credit to Andrew Neel

Stop Struggling – Work-life Balance Strategies

    1. Take time off

Some workers are afraid of taking time off and vacation because they wont be working those hours. What they don’t realize is that they need time off to recharge batteries and come back stronger than ever. Otherwise they will suffer from burn out and won’t be able to perform their tasks. For freelancers it is the same: there is a need to rest and leave work aside.

  2. Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is key when working at home. First, you need to settle your ”office”. It has to be in a place with as less distractions as possible. That will be the place where you will work, the rest of the house is not for working. This strategy helps you get in the mood when entering the room and reduces procrastination and distractions.

 3. Be realistic with your workload

Every week try to be realistic with the amount of hours you will be able to work each day. Otherwise, you will feel that you don’t reach your goals, and that is really demotivating and unnecessary. To avoid that from happening and letting it affect your work, you must take into account all the events of your week, and try to optimize your agenda. There are several tools, such as Trello, that can help you manage your tasks and keep track of your achievements.

 4. Set your routine

Routine can be your best friend. Organizing yourself following the patterns that better suit you will create healthy habits that will help you in the worst days. Getting enough sleep is a must. Some people prefer to work at night and others prefer to wake up early. Either way try to organize and be thorough to be rested. Moreover, having a routine helps your at other aspects like letting know your family when your working hours are so they won’t require you at those hours.

5. Learn from past experiences

Committing to agreed deadlines is a must for being a respected freelancer in any field. You will learn how to manage your time and give more accurate forecasts with time. Keep a open attitude and learn from the struggles of your colleagues. Sharing yours looking for solutions can be very rewarding too.


If you have other strategies, feel free to comment!


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