Editorial Photography – Learn how to make people hungry

Editorial photography is a concept that includes the pictures that are used as support of other content, usually text, for example in articles. The aim of editorial photography is to transmit an idea to the audience and tell a story. On the opposite, the goal of commercial photography is selling something. In addition, in the personal ground the target is entirely to sell your art. The best and most commonly used tool to boost your personal brand is creating a personal portfolio.

Therefore, as the artwork has to wake emotions, it has to be carefully chosen.  In the case of an article about disruptive architecture and innovative design for example, the photographer would look for the most design-impressive structures to photograph. It will provide the reader with visual support that helps the reading and understanding of the idea.

The subject of editorial photography is as wide and diverse as an article’s topics can be. Whether is a food or a fashion article, it is accompanied with a set of photographies. Normally the pictures appear on big size, with no text on them and in an important position on the article. So at first glance, editorial photography is an area with big perspectives and where photographers can develop their aptitudes.

Editorial photography applied to design articles.

Innovative structure – Photo Credit to Denys Nevozhai

Leave Instagram Foodies behind

We all know somebody that needs to take a picture of their food before eating it. It’s a fact that Instagram has created a movement around taking food pictures. Either the most exclusive salmon tartare with avocado in London or the pancakes their significant other brought to bed that morning are subject to be uploaded.

However, taking pictures of food can differ in quality and skills of the photographer and have other goals than getting likes or simply showing off your delicious meals.

Delicious pancakes in bed- Photo Credit to Alisa Anton.


Editorial photography & food, a perfect combo

The following video introduces a set of guide videos to start with. They are targeted to beginner or intermediate photographers who are willing to improve their food-related skills. However, we want to share some knowledge on our own with you.


  1. The equipment employed is important, they mostly use Canon cameras as well as lightning tools. Lightning modifiers play a key part because natural light is not always available. These tools help recreate different lightning atmospheres such as morning or dawn.
  2. There is an analisis moment. In this step the photographer examines the food from other perspective in order to compose the picture accordingly. Moreover, noticing colors, textures and sizes is critical to create a proper composition and make the food “look heroic”.
  3. As already said, editorial photography is about creating emotions. In case of editorial food photography the expected emotion in the viewer is desire. Therefore, the photographer has to capture the food in a way to make it desirable. Playing with composition, perspective, lightning and elements around the plate is important to achieve this goal.

How Do I Start?

All you need is to take the camera and start practising! Begin taking pictures of some plates and play with the angles and lightning. Then compare them and decide which ones adjusts better to what you want to transmit. Once you have your work, you need to share it. For that, you should create a portfolio with all your work. There are some useful tools such as Worka that allow you to create your online portfolio.

Retouching – Just to enhance

Image editing is growing in popularity and viewers are getting used to retouched pictures giving them an ideal concept of photography. This behavior rises their expectations what could lead to disappointments.

Improving pictures with software shouldn’t be a norm. Only some light or color adjustments should be made. Look for a good level of initial quality , otherwise it would look too artificial and lose value when you photoshop it.


Photo editing – Photo Credit to Joao Silas

We hope that you find our experience useful, if you want to share with us your thoughts on editorial photography, feel free to leave a comment!




Featured image by Lidye Petit



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