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Finding inspiration can be challenging for creatives. Pushing yourself unnecessarily will lead you to frustration and maybe to a spiral of negativity. Sometimes what you need is a break and getting ideas from new environments and cultures. Worka’s team has gone through that struggle and we want to share some spots and communities that have helped us through this ongoing series of “Inspirational places”.

In Worka we are passionate travelers and we are always looking for new and exciting places to visit. There are thousands of cool corners that are waiting for being discovered. Following several blogs and Instagram accounts is a good way to keep in touch with travelling and start planning ahead. Today, we want to show you the “Caminito del Rey”, a unique site to get some good inspiration to keep feeding your portfolio with content.

Caminito del Rey View from the brigde Inspirational places

One of the breathtaking views that can boost your inspiration- Alfonso Cerezo


Formerly considered as one of the most dangerous hikes in Spain, this trail connects two hydro-electric complexes and it was built between 1901 and 1905 near Antequera, Málaga. In 1921 the Spanish King, Alfonso XIII, inaugurated the construction and since then, the pathway was named after him. “Caminito del Rey” or “The King’s Little Pathway” is the official name of one of the most inspirational places in Spain. This area combines nature and abandoned constructions with the dynamism of nearby cities like Marbella or Malaga, huge tourist destinations.

The pathway used to be very dangerous as after more than one hundred years since its inception, some sections collapsed and the concrete was unsafe. Sometimes the visitor had to literally hang from an old and rusty security cable over a terrifying canyon to advance. If you want to clear your mind, there is nothing better that fearing for your life to get everything together. The videos and pictures along the internet are amazing and attracted loads of adrenaline and extreme sports fans. This is one of the cases where casual visitors make more publicity of inspirational places than the local government.



Public institutions heard the complaints of the people and invested a good amount of money for renovating the “Caminito del Rey”. An impressive work has opened this awesome place to everyone as the route is now easily accessible. You can now walk calmly and enjoy taking pictures without the need of a GoPro or specialized gear.


Why should you go?


There is such a cool mix of cultures and people in the region. The warm climate and the awesome nature of the region attracts tourists both from all over Europe and Spain. The “Caminito del Rey” is still not as crowded as other tourist destinations like Marbella or Torremolinos so you will get part of the real taste of the region. It is perfect to meet new people and to share new experiences and stories. It is also a good place to test new techniques like aerial photography.



The region offers cool activities around the “Caminito del Rey” so you can both enjoy your holidays and get ideas for your next projects. Camping is a popular option in the region. There are several natural parks nearby that are good destinations for a two-day trip. Some solo travelling and a immersion into the nature can turn on your mind and push you to new levels.

There are some unusual sports you can do in the region that you can associate to your work. Bungee jumping, parachuting or waterskiing are activities that are popular in the area. Adrenaline is an awesome kicker so don’t be afraid to experience it in these inspirational places.

If you want to go with your family, the nearby cities offer you relaxing plans. You can just lay down on a beach for a few days and forget about everything. Furthermore, food is superb so don’t forget to eat out a few times, seafood, fish and meat are pretty tasty. Going out is cheap and fun as most of the Spanish clubs are open until 5 to 6 am and entrance fees are moderate.


Marbella's fair's night lights Inspirational Places

Marbella is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Spain- Manolo Franco


So much happening in these inspirational places

If you just want to go and capture moments in a new environment, you are in a good place to start some projects. Your portfolio can be expanded easily with all the beauty and dynamism of such a unique culture. The architecture, the light and the local festivities worth a few days or weeks of planning and work on the ground.

Nature can also be breathtaking. Caminito del Rey is situated in “El Chorro” canyon. Formed by the Guadalhorce river, it offers some cool spots where you can capture your surroundings or use them for your creations. Moreover, there are several types of terrain so you can dedicate one or several days to each of them. However, keep in mind that you will need a car for moving between natural parks and landscapes.


Canyon El Chorro Inspirational places

Nearby Guadalhorce river- Alfonso Cerezo


What are you waiting for going to The king’s pathway and upload your new creations to Worka?

Places to find inspiration - Caminito Del Rey
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Places to find inspiration - Caminito Del Rey
Finding inspiration can be challenging for creatives. Pushing yourself unnecessarily will lead you to frustration and maybe to a spiral of negativity. Sometimes what you need is a break and getting ideas from new environments and cultures.
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