Personal Branding for Artists

Branding is a marketing strategy that corporations use to create an idea around the concept of their brand. When you hear the name of a well-known brand, specific feelings and ideas pop up in your mind. Most probably, the brand worked on branding and marketing campaigns to raise awareness of their brand and influenced you to have those ideas. Somehow, people trust personal entities more than corporations.

That is why personal branding is a powerful tool everybody can take advantage of. Literally, the concept of personal branding means to brand yourself, and your brand is the image and perception you project to others. Therefore, you have the capability of managing what people perceive from you and it is your responsibility to take care of it and be able to obtain benefit out of it.

Why as an Artist Do I Have to Brand Myself ?

Personal branding means to define yourself and be recognizable. It is also to be known for what you do better than your competition. Therefore, your personal brand has to be strong and clear. However, you will grow personally and professionally during your whole life so your personal brand will be changing. You are your brand and what it represents so your attitude and how you behave influence your personal brand.

Personal branding is key for artists.

Personal branding is the perfect tool to boost your career. Photo Credit to Dan Carlson.


Two Sides of a Coin

There are at least two aspects on every artist’s career:

  • The artistic aspect, which involves the continuous learning and research, studio hours and the experience among others that adds value to the artist’s work. The effort put in each one depends entirely on the field of the artist. Even though this might be understood like the only requirement an artist needs to improve their work and grow, definitely there is another aspect missing.
  • The business aspect involves knowledge about competitors, audience and marketing among many others. It must be employed for example to create business relationships, choose pricing and sell artwork. This aspect is closely related to personal branding.

Both aspects are necessary and it is their combination what brings the highest value to the artist. Being able to create great pieces of art is amazing, but being able to awake desire from your audience to buy it is even better, right?


Where Do I Start? – Strategies and Tips for Personal Branding

Social accounts are key for personal branding.

Take advantage of the power of social media. Photo Credit to Erik Lucatero.

Define your objective.

First of all, before creating a personal brand, you must know what do you want to tell about your work and yourself. Dedicate a few hours to really think about it and these questions:

    • Who are you?
    • What do you do?
    • Why is it better than what your competitors do?
    • What are your strengths?
    • Which side of yourself you want to show?

Related questions and topics might arise as you answer the previous ones. To have a clear view of your thoughts put them down to paper. Creating a personal mind map is easy and really useful. Here you have a tool with an example to inspire you.


Update your Online Portfolio

It is important to maintain your online portfolio updated so whenever you need to show it, it is ready to impress everybody with your latest work. An online portfolio is a basic tool for artists, in this article you can check some tips to create the definite one and increase your possibilities for getting contacted.  Moreover, it is the perfect way to start building your brand. By uploading your artwork, choosing your template and personalizing the design with your colors and logo you are contributing to your personal branding strategy. In case you don’t have an online portfolio yet create one for free with the intuitive tool we created to help you build your own future.


Create professional accounts for social networks.

Apart from updating your online portfolio, your social media accounts will help you creating your brand. Try to choose the same username. It has to be related to you, for example your artistic name or your brand. You have to know your audience and create appropriate content. Post information about your work, the last course you did or any work-related event you attended. Try to avoid posting personal or daily activities that are not related to your professional activity. People is following you on that account because they are interested in your work, not in your life.


Manage your Professional Webpage.

Some artists have a wide range of work fields, such as photography, illustration or design, that is why they have a webpage with all the information gathered. From that webpage, there must be access to your online portfolio, your social media accounts and your blog.


Create content on your blog.

Blogs are also a really common and useful tool in terms of personal branding. Your blog will allow you to post about anything and, as social media accounts, it will give you the possibility to create a community of followers interested in your work. The blog can be named however you want, preferably you should name it as your other accounts to be consistent on your personal brand.


 Keep SEO in mind.

In case you don’t know what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It is the way to influence the position in which you appear on search engines (Google for example) organically, which means without paying. That is why SEO is so important and must be taken care of. If it is performed properly it allows you to appear when people looks you up, otherwise you might get lost on the web. It depends on the content of your blog, the keywords you choose as relevant and many other factors. If you are interested in SEO and how to increase your position in search engines follow our social accounts to be updated with our upcoming post about SEO for artists.


We hope you found this article interesting and inspiring! helps you create your personal brand and boost your career easily.





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