January 12, 2018

Inspiring Artists: Top 5 Photographers

The objective of the series of articles “Inspiring Artists” is to find artwork (either photography, illustration or video) that inspires us and create compilations. We hope this articles are helpful to find inspiration and useful to get to know different artists.

This is a compilation of five artists that have inspired us with their art. Originality, humanity or an environmental concern are some of the main reasons we found to select them. They have different backgrounds and styles, but what matters is the meaning of their art and why it inspires us.

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Travel Photography Letter sign
January 4, 2018

Getting to Know Travel Photography from the Inside Out

The irruption of low fares in many international flights has made travelling to far places accesible to millions of people around the world. Thailand, Vietnam or Morocco are now popular destinations for American and European tourists. The astonishing beauty of these countries and their thriving culture has attracted a lot of attention to all the related graphic content. Instagram is a powerful tool, either through stories or publications, and many photographers have drown a huge audience around their work. Either if you can produce a regular flow of content or you just want to make some money while you visit new places, travel photography is a wonderful opportunity.

Undiscovered places are scarce in today’s world, distances are smaller than ever and intercontinental trips are becoming normal. Despite that countries like Greece, Italy or Spain have suffered anti-tourist protests during 2017 due to their negative effects for the local population, travelling pictures continue pouring into the average photography portfolio. Thinking about leaving everything for a few weeks and taking your backpack to the other side of the world can be rewarding both mentally and economically.

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December 27, 2017

Personal Branding for Artists

Branding is a marketing strategy that corporations use to create an idea around the concept of their brand. When you hear the name of a well-known brand, specific feelings and ideas pop up in your mind. Most probably, the brand worked on branding and marketing campaigns to raise awareness of their brand and influenced you to have those ideas. Somehow, people trust personal entities more than corporations.

That is why personal branding is a powerful tool everybody can take advantage of. Literally, the concept of personal branding means to brand yourself, and your brand is the image and perception you project to others. Therefore, you have the capability of managing what people perceive from you and it is your responsibility to take care of it and be able to obtain benefit out of it. / continue reading

December 21, 2017

Three new features to help you build your own future

Since we started creating Worka.io, we have been aware that this was going to be a continuous process of improvements and releasing new features. We love receiving feedback of our users and potential users as we created the tool to help creatives out there build their own personal brand in an easy, inexpensive way.

We think about the creation of an online portfolio in terms of a balance between having enough flexibility to make your own distinctive portfolio and the time and skills needed to actually create it. From the very beginning, we spotted that there are two key features that some of our competitors tend to overlook, the creative’s need to share their work on Social Media and the importance of the themes for the final result. That is why our first feature release is triple and it addresses these problems.

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December 4, 2017

Work-Life Balance Strategies for Freelancers

The bar has been set high, maybe too much. We are expected to have a social life, do sports, be up to date to the last chapter of the series on vogue, be aware of the last political news and of course spend quality time with the family. Balancing all these aspects of your life can be difficult. Moreover, if you are a freelancer the boundaries between work and the rest of the aspects can be blurry. Even more nowadays, as we are constantly connected to our tablets or phones answering emails or taking phone calls. That is why we will give some work-life balance strategies.

Work-like balance strategies make freelancers happier

Managing your time gives you freedom and control of your life – Photo Credit to Brooke Cagle

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