Three new features to help you build your own future

Since we started creating, we have been aware that this was going to be a continuous process of improvements and releasing new features. We love receiving feedback of our users and potential users as we created the tool to help creatives out there build their own personal brand in an easy, inexpensive way.

We think about the creation of an online portfolio in terms of a balance between having enough flexibility to make your own distinctive portfolio and the time and skills needed to actually create it. From the very beginning, we spotted that there are two key features that some of our competitors tend to overlook, the creative’s need to share their work on Social Media and the importance of the themes for the final result. That is why our first feature release is triple and it addresses these problems.

New theme preview

Choosing the theme that better fits you is usually one of the main pain points of online portfolio tools as it is critical to make your work look in the intended way. Moreover, switching from one to another when you have uploaded several projects is usually more difficult than it seems as not all the designs out there are compatible in terms of number of projects, size of images and videos or space for written content. This preview system tries to give as much information as possible to the user so his/her first theme choice will be very similar to its ideal online portfolio design.


new features online portfolio Charlie Chipman

On the right bar you can see a short description and the main tips for the correct use of the theme. Each advice has been tailored for saving you time and money in your search for the best online portfolio. As you can see, this view allows you to navigate through this theme and check all the possibilities helped by a set of content carefully chosen by the theme’s designers. This content aims to boost the virtues of each theme and it is intended to give inspiration of what you can do with each design. Nevertheless, don’t be shy and try to push its limits!


Social Media Icons

One of the must-haves for today’s creatives. Being able to correctly drive your audience from and to your social media accounts and online portfolio can make the difference in terms of creating a big audience and make noise. could not be the solution we wanted it to be without this feature. These social media icons can be found in the settings section and they will show up in a different place depending on the theme chosen. Take it into account!


New features Social Icons

Preview of the 8 social icons at the Dora Dolz theme

Enhanced Social Media Posting

Not only pointing your audience to follow you on social media is important, but the quality of each post you share. That is why one of our first new features will be the advanced Open Graph view. Using the Open Graph, protocole, this will allow your Twitter Cards, Facebook posts, etc. to have the best design possible. Our team greatly values this possibility as it will boost the online presence of your work right off the bat. It is recommended to fill in as many information fields as possible as Open Graph will take this information to make the display of your online portfolio, its pages and its projects look in an attractive way.


Twitter Card preview new features article

Twitter Card preview with large image of an online portfolio

Here you have our first feature expansion for We hope you can find them useful so you can keep improving on your road to success. See you soon!

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