Best tips to own your model photo shoot

There are fewer jobs with less by-the-book sets of skills than being a model. The pressure of a model photo shoot makes ordinary people melt down . Furthermore, not constantly improving your skills will make you be one step behind in the medium term. In Worka we are passionate about our clients so we did a little research among our models and photographers for getting the best tips from the models point of view.  We have divided the article into three main sections: before the model photo shoot, during the model photo shoot and after it. You always have room to improve and improvise, be ready to do it with ease and grace with these tips.

Before the model photo shoot

Check your photographer’s portfolio

Every photographer has their style, a way of working that is reflected in their job. Your agency should have information about them, ask them and gather information. Make sure that you check the work in their online portfolio and contact people that have worked with them in advance. Use that knowledge to your advantage and take some time to evaluate if your natural way of working is compatible with the one from the photographer. Don’t obsess with expanding your portfolio with works that will make you feel uncomfortable , look for the right fits for you.

Practice your poses

You have to make sure that your set of poses adapt to the type of shoot you are facing. Be sure that you use the information gathered in your research for having enough resources ready to come up naturally in stressful situations.

Be in your best state

Typical advice, sleep well, prepare yourself physically and don’t overestimate your capacities when you are tired. Get there in time and with a fresh mind. Sometimes the situation looks a bit tense with your photographer in your first times, make the environment yours. Such simple actions are going to make the difference in the medium term, seriously.


Model example for model photo shoot

Photo by Allef Vinicius


During your model photo shoot

You are part of a creative team

You are going to be in front of the camera, yes, but a photo shoot is much more than the model and the photographer. In big ones there are several professional with lots of experience and stressful jobs. Be sure to listen to them and treat them as they deserve. Your confidence is awesome during the shooting but in the end, you are working with people with awesome ideas. Divas are less probable to be called again.

Be prepared to take the lead

You are going to face different situations during a shooting, adapt to each of them. You can usually have room to innovate and bend a bit the rules, embrace those opportunities. Some photographers even leave a big part of the posing to the model, be ready.


Male model at a bridge, model photo shoot

Make sure your poses favor you -Photo by Don Ross

Use every resource

Unique characteristics give you a broader set of poses that will enrich the shooting and your portfolio. Here there are some examples:

  • Long-short hair will allow the team to use more ideas
  • The characteristics of your clothing
  • The wind
  • The natural set
  • Mind your light. Be sure where is the light and play with it.

Make the life of your photographer easy

Once you know the most used poses, find the conventions that most portrait photographers use and apply them automatically. Here there are some:

  • Fix your chin by bringing your ears forward, not rising your chin.
  • Don’t confront the camera with your chest, play with your shoulders and their position for not looking bigger than you are.
  • Nose must not break the face in the photo, make sure to orientate your face correctly.
  • Arms closed to your torso will make them appear bigger, create some space.
  • Don’t over-rotate your eyes and show the white of your eyes.

Time your breathe

Don’t ruin any good take with incorrect breathing, make sure that you regulate your breathe in every moment. Yoga or any other relaxation classes can help you deal with this and make you tougher on long or uncomfortable photo shoots.



Female model using her hands. model photo shoot

Perfect example of good use of hands in relation to the clothing – Photo by Paolo Naomi

After the model photo shoot

Social Media is also an online portfolio

Most of models make mistakes using social media, so here there are the most common tips:

  • Don’t post raw photos, some professionals spend a good amount of time for getting the best of each picture and they may get offended.
  • Tag your team in your publications.
  • Share the spotlight. Most commonly you are going to have more followers than the rest of the photo shoot team, don’t be afraid of praising

Get your agent working

Show interest by putting your agent in touch with the crew of the photo shoot and ask for feedback.


Be nice, be you, enjoy your work and share it properly.


Featured image

Photo by Matheus Ferrero


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