The lens is above your head with aerial photography

¡Drones! Yes, we are going to talk about a new tool that more and more creatives are using for expanding their online portfolio. Aerial photography gives audience a new vision that does not experience normally and it usually provokes a big effect on them. Discovering patterns and new angles while using a drone is one of the most fun experiences that you can have as a photographer.

There has been a big buzz about the legislation of where and when to fly drones. Depending on the country you are living in, you can have a way different set of laws that will help or limit your creativity with a drone. Being respectful with the law while taking aerial images is very important as some legislators are very picky. However, most of them agree on this:

  • Flying over crowds or groups of people is forbidden. Sometimes, even urban zones are forbidden
  • Airports and other zones with restrictions for aerial traffic must be avoided
  • Offending someone’s privacy is forbidden
  • The drone must fly under 400 feet (133 metres) and be under your visual control.


Aerial photography is improving on a daily basis

Nevertheless, drones are improving at a fast pace and high quality cameras are now included among their features. This gives endless possibilities to the aerial photos’ fans that are willing to amaze the world, and get some money, with these flying cameras.

Drones equipped with a good camera, that have a good stability and features are expensive. The range goes from the $500 of the DJI Phantom 3 Standard to around a few thousands of dollars for a full equipped one. There are substitute products that have been around the market for quite a bit but drones are widely considered as the hottest option for aerial photography and videos from a few hundred feet above the ground.

The last generation of these devices come with 12 to 20 Megapixels cameras and a high video resolution. You can now take amazing aerial images and videos in 2.7K, 4K and even 5.2K. With a bit of experience and good weather, you can easily create incredible professional tapes. Find your inspirational set and start testing your skills. In some countries you need to get a certification for flying drones with other uses than recreational, so check it out before you get yourself in trouble. You can even broadcast live video in good quality, what gives you interesting options for social media and events.


Aerial photography on the beach

Photo by Adam Krowitz


Learn about your tool

In terms of other features, range, battery and usability are improving exponentially. The vast majority of drones are “fly straight out of the box”. This means that you need almost no setup time apart from downloading the app that is usually necessary for controlling them. Speed really depends on your model but you will be surprised about the quickness of these expensive toys. There has been some problems with drones falling from the skies when they ran out of battery. Nowadays, they have a return-to-home function that makes the drone return to the user at a secure height and velocity.

You can think that you need to relearn how to do your job when using a drone. However, the basics are the same once you manage correctly the position, stability and where to point your camera. The sun is, as always, very important but in this case you have to take into account the shade that your drone creates. Beginner aerial photographers usually need a few flights to realize that, so don’t waste any shot.

Some drone enthusiasts created Dronestagram, a sort of Instagram but for aerial photography fans. This social network was created a few years ago and every year they organize the International Drone Photography Contest. This year’s edition is the 4th and the winners of the 4 categories have some cool photos. Go and check them out.

Drones are the next step for your equipment. Are you ready?

Ricardo Gomez Angel