Instagram Travel Photography: Interview halfhalftravel

Instagram travel photography is the thing now. Nowadays there are several possibilities to travel at a low price to exotic places thanks to low fare airlines or couch surfing. Therefore, it is easier than ever to start at travel photography.

Photography influencers are gaining importance at the most visual social network. Some of the Instagram accounts with the highest number of followers are focused on shooting travel experiences at amazing and photogenic places. All these accounts will give you wanderlust for sure, some accounts will even make you jealous (in a good way) like @halfhalftravel. Today, we are excited to interview them about their experience.

instagram travel account travels to colombia and portugal

Guatapé, Colombia & Lisbon, Portugal


The beginning of everything

This account is managed by Becca Siegel and Dan Gold, two globetrotting freelance photographers that happen to be a couple.  They are both self-taught and trying to learn new things all the time. They recently updated their blog Halfhalftravel. Regarding the equipment used to take the famous pictures, they started off with iPhones and then realized they should be using more professional cameras -Sony a7 ii and Canon 77D. Now they use the Google Pixel 2 as well.

They met on 2015 and just while they were getting to know each other Dan was offered to go for a Remote Year (working while traveling each month to a different country). At this moment they decided to keep the relationship in the long distance.

Regarding the process for creating the pictures they have to keep in mind the future composition but then every composition required a little bit of retouching to make sure everything matches perfectly. Thanks to their Instagram travel photography account and their characteristic photographies they have achieved to create a personal brand what brings them success and bigger exposure of their work.

How did the idea of that first half-half coffee picture come up?

We came up with the idea for the project after Dan left the US in May 2016 for one year to travel in Europe, Africa and Latin America as a freelance front end engineer and travel photographer. Becca, who previously lived abroad in China and Hong Kong, wanted to think of a project on which they could both work together while apart, despite the distance. After stitching together a photo of their two cups of coffee (Becca’s in Manhattan and Dan’s in London) and receiving a great response from her friends on her personal Instagram account, the two whipped up a few more images and started @Halfhalftravel, which has gained popularity worldwide.


instagram travel photography shoots animals

Traveling to different places gives you different points of view.

Globetrotting as a way of living

Every country is different and offers a variety of enriching aspects. In terms of photography Becca and Dan consider Portugal, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong some of the most photogenic places they have visited. Moreover they think travel photography helps you connect more with those places and they always end up surprised with the pictures they took. In case you were wondering, of course they keep count of the countries they have visited: in total they sum 47.

Q. Are you able to choose your destinations? If so, do you have the next destination in mind?

A. Yes, we are. As of now, no future plan! The world is our oyster. We just came back from the Canary Islands (Spain) and Israel.

Q. What does a country need to be chosen?

A. It should have variety – landscapes, cities rich in culture and of course… great food!  This is how we choose destinations now. We also factor in if we have someone to visit or friends to see. While Dan was away, Becca chose some countries she had never been to, or ones that worked into her personal schedule, in which to visit Dan.

They chose Instagram as the platform to showcase their work because they consider it is easier to connect with their audience and like-minded people. Also they recently met up with somebody from Instagram on Israel.


instagram travel photography china and thailand

Knowing different cultures and being able to understand them is very enriching.


Pictures that meet in the middle

The decision to start their Instagram travel photography account has been a great common project to work on together and make them feel closer even when their were miles away.

Q. Some of the pictures are totally amazing and able to awake beautiful inner emotions, did the pictures make you feel closer?

A. Yes, the photos gave us a joint project to work on – by the end of our year apart, we had something tangible to look back at. A few qualities we have both been able to work on individually while apart have been independence, communicating, patience and trust, bringing out our adventurous sides and lastly…. We have become very good at taking half of photos.

Q. Finally, even though we know it is hard to choose between our creations: could you choose your favourite composition (in terms of meaning, technique, memories…) and explain us a little bit why?

A. Our favorite post is the one with our backs facing the camera, with half taken in Montserrat, Spain, and the other in Jardin, Colombia. When Becca finished it, they both couldn’t believe it worked so well, and the reaction on Instagram was awesome! After this one, we were able to create a few more ‘arm in arm’ photos of ourselves in different locations, still arm in arm.


Instagram travel photography halfhalftravel favourite picture

Perfectly matching pictures.

Would you like to start an Instagram Travel Photography account? Have you done it? Please, comment and tell us all about it!

Thank you for the interview Becca & Dan!


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