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In this tag you can find a set of articles to find the inspiration you need. Such articles deal with topics like inspirational places, sets that enhance ideas about photoshoots or new concepts that can be obtained from different cultures.

Lack of inspiration is a common fear of artists. Therefore, the search for inspiration is a key phase in the creative process and in Workafe we want to help you from the beginning.

Most artists have a certain place where they find the perfect mindstate to create. Finding an inspirational place might seem a tough task but articles and tips will ease your journey to your own inspirational place.

However, each inspirational place is unique. Some artists will be moved by a breathtaking view while others might find inspiration at a coffee shop.

Anyhow, there is no need to find inspiration at a physical place: a picture, an illustration or a quote can awaken a hidden skill. Here you will find the articles to help you find inspiration.

instagram travel photography account
March 22, 2018

Instagram Travel Photography: Interview halfhalftravel

Instagram travel photography is the thing now. Nowadays there are several possibilities to travel at a low price to exotic places thanks to low fare airlines or couch surfing. Therefore, it is easier than ever to start at travel photography.

Photography influencers are gaining importance at the most visual social network. Some of the Instagram accounts with the highest number of followers are focused on shooting travel experiences at amazing and photogenic places. All these accounts will give you wanderlust for sure, some accounts will even make you jealous (in a good way) like @halfhalftravel. Today, we are excited to interview them about their experience.

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Inspirational Places - Iceland
February 12, 2018

Inspirational Places – Doing Travel Photography through Iceland

In our previous article of this series, we presented you ‘El Caminito del Rey’, one magical spot in the South of Spain that you should definitely visit for finding some new ideas or reflect a bit. However, inspirational places are very different from one another. In my case, I have found the same motivation that allowed me to move forward in both cold and warm environments. One of the best countries you can visit as a creative is Iceland.

A very unique state as it is placed right by the Arctic Circle and it is one of the few volcanically active nations in the world. This creates amazing landscapes and situations where you just want to pull out your camera and capture every moment. Actually, Iceland is growing in popularity as a tourist destination, despite that, you will find an intact nature and no crowds. This perfect spot for travel photography is home of some 330,000 open inhabitants and it can become a turning point in your career. Get ready to pack some equipment and explore Iceland!

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January 12, 2018

Inspiring Artists: Top 5 Photographers

The objective of the series of articles “Inspiring Artists” is to find artwork (either photography, illustration or video) that inspires us and create compilations. We hope this articles are helpful to find inspiration and useful to get to know different artists.

This is a compilation of five artists that have inspired us with their art. Originality, humanity or an environmental concern are some of the main reasons we found to select them. They have different backgrounds and styles, but what matters is the meaning of their art and why it inspires us.

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Places to find inspiration- Caminito del Rey canyon
September 14, 2017

Inspirational places – Caminito Del Rey

Finding inspiration can be challenging for creatives. Pushing yourself unnecessarily will lead you to frustration and maybe to a spiral of negativity. Sometimes what you need is a break and getting ideas from new environments and cultures. Worka’s team has gone through that struggle and we want to share some spots and communities that have helped us through this ongoing series of “Inspirational places”.

In Worka we are passionate travelers and we are always looking for new and exciting places to visit. There are thousands of cool corners that are waiting for being discovered. Following several blogs and Instagram accounts is a good way to keep in touch with travelling and start planning ahead. Today, we want to show you the “Caminito del Rey”, a unique site to get some good inspiration to keep feeding your portfolio with content.

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