Inspirational Places – Doing Travel Photography through Iceland

In our previous article of this series, we presented you ‘El Caminito del Rey’, one magical spot in the South of Spain that you should definitely visit for finding some new ideas or reflect a bit. However, inspirational places are very different from one another. In my case, I have found the same motivation that allowed me to move forward in both cold and warm environments. One of the best countries you can visit as a creative is Iceland.

A very unique state as it is placed right by the Arctic Circle and it is one of the few volcanically active nations in the world. This creates amazing landscapes and situations where you just want to pull out your camera and capture every moment. Actually, Iceland is growing in popularity as a tourist destination, despite that, you will find an intact nature and no crowds. This perfect spot for travel photography is home of some 330,000 open inhabitants and it can become a turning point in your career. Get ready to pack some equipment and explore Iceland!

Inspirational Places Iceland Glacier

Glacier hikes are something not to skip | Photo by David Cantelli


Why should you go?

Iceland’s Ring Road

Renting a van and hitting the road may not be the plan that first comes to your mind when you visit an island. However, Iceland is not a normal island, its ring road of around 800 miles (1500 kms) will lead you to some of the finest landscapes you will find on the North Hemisphere. Make sure to time wisely your visit as roads may be dangerous in the coldest times of the year. 4 days should be the minimum to invest in a proper road trip if you want to properly enjoy the hidden beauties along the way.

If you want to get a taste of it, go for the Golden Circle route. You will grasp the experience with this one-day version of the Ring Road trip. You will encounter some stunning landscapes with waterfalls, craters and glaciers that will blow your mind. So, if you want to make the most of your visit, don’t skip one of the must-seen road trips in our inspirational places series.

Iceland Inspirational Places Waterfall

Photo by Jared Enodu


Blue Lagoon

We are fans of active tourism, as you can get pics that a normal travel photography blog won’t have. However, there are magic places where you can rest and make up some new projects at the same time. Thermal waters are a popular destination in Iceland and the Blue Lagoon is maybe the best known. This handmade pool is now an spa after a energy company created it as a collateral action of a drilling they performed in the area.

Daily fee is around $40 and it can provide you with a much needed rest in between or after the numerous outside activities you can do in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Inspirational Places

A thermal bath may not be the activity you have in mind when you go to inspirational places, but it worths it | Photo by Frank Denney


Unique culture

If you don’t know, Iceland has some matchless episodes in its history. From the viking ages to becoming a modern republic that is part of the EU, they have had some struggles that have defined their character. After all, they have some environmental conditions that are hardly replicable around the world. Their viking past emerges easily as they surprised the soccer world in Euro 2016 when they reached the quarter-finals in an impressive run. They were supported by the whole country, who traveled all the way to France to scare the hell out of their rivals with this viking chant. 

English is widely spoken in an open society that is eager to organize events and celebrations when the time allows them to. As a nordic country, Iceland has a high living standard and small social conflicts. Furthermore, artists are well-recognized and many creatives take advantage of the surroundings they have to create some fine art.

Outstanding nature

We put Iceland in the category of inspirational places because of this. Tectonic and volcanic activity create spots with a special energy all around Iceland. Either if you go and see geysers, hike through glaciers or climb mountains, you will be amazed by the natural gifts around you. Moreover, if you want to go for more intense activities, scuba diving is your choice. Some tectonic movements have created big fissures that allow recreational activities. It is a truly special experience that will make you forget everything for a few moments and spark your creativity.

Inspirational Places Iceland Beach rock

Photo by Tetiana Syrova

Suggest more inspirational places!

We are always open to new destinations that we should visit or make an article about, leave them at the comments.

Iceland Road Trip Inspirational Places

Photo by Ferdinand Stohr



Inspirational Places - Doing Travel Photography through Iceland
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Inspirational Places - Doing Travel Photography through Iceland
Iceland has become an appealing destination for travelers looking for inspirational places that can leave a mark on their lives. What is special about this nordic country?
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