Goldie helps you build your online portfolio

At our goal is to constantly improve to offer the best service to our creatives. We created an online portfolio tool for improving the situation of many professionals that waste resources and cannot find a good quality site to show their art. That’s why your feedback is very important for us so we can keep moving forward. Every time we change something, we love to publish the new features and releases on our blog.

Our most recent adding is an onboarding to guide new users across the different functionalities of Worka. Goldie, our goldfish, has the task of showing you around to help you start at Worka.

Sometimes Goldie likes to spend time on our new home page hidden behind the “Start” button 😉

home page online portfolio tool

The new home page with a clean design eases the discovery of the web.

However, you will surely find him in his fishbowl once you have logged in on your Worka account. He is always there to show you around or to help you if you have any question.

In case you are wondering, the reason Goldie is part of the Worka team (apart from the great cookies he makes) is because of his cheerful and resolutive character. Moreover, he has proven himself to be a great guide and knows all the insides of Worka which makes him great to show you around.

Projects and Pages – Learn the difference

After signing up, you arrive at the main menu of the application where you have several options. The first option is Projects, where you upload all your content (videos or pictures). A project is a media gallery that contains a set of pictures or videos with related content. This content can be related by theme, material or by date.

On the other side Pages are the different pages of your site, they will all appear at your site menu. These are meant to add additional information like an About page or a Contact page to receive doubts or requests through the contact form.

The pages are not meant to display your work (better use the projects) but you can add some images or videos.

online portfolio template about

In the page “About” you can tell a little bit about yourself: your background, your motto or your inspiration.

Explore the templates

We have committed to release a new template each month, and we plan to keep this promise.  In the new templates there are new features, new layout designs and of course an improvement from all we have learnt from previous releases and feedback of our customers’ experience. All of them are available at the home page to visit and explore. Also you can check the article about the latest one which has some curiosities about how we choose the next template to be released.

templates landing page of online portfolio tool

Explore the templates to find the one that best showcases your artwork.

Settings – Manage your online portfolio

The section of Settings is where you manage your site’s configuration. On settings you change the information visible in your site such as the Site Title or the Description. There you can also manage your SEO keywords (the words that will make you appear on the search engine results). In addition you can easily add your social media accounts so that you have everything on one place.

All set up!

Finally, you have all set up as you wish and your site has all your artwork! Don’t forget you can change the template easily and customize your site as many times as you want until you feel it represents yourself.

You already know the basics of and that an online portfolio is the most cost effective tool to get new customers, if you have not signed up yet… what are you waiting for to start building your own future?


worka is a simple and effective online portfolio tool for creatives like you.

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