Focusing on “The Client Approach” and its benefits

In Worka we are obsessed with improving the deal flow of the artists and creatives that are our clients. Making a living out of your work is not always easy and some very good creatives have to abandon their passion because they can’t create a revenue stream big enough for turning it its main activity. Some of them have real talent so it is not because of their work. One of the main causes is how to market and sell themselves. This is why creating a personal brand is so important. In this article we plan to dive a little into this problem and explain what we call “The Client Approach ”.

You have to be very known in your community/sector for needing no marketing. Those creatives that only wait for clients to come while they hang out in their expensive mansions at the Keys usually live only in our dreams. Big freelancers are always marketing themselves. Even the top ones do networking at events for getting those high-end clients that everyone is fighting for. Make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity of getting a new client with these advices:

Be equipped for your client approach

As your normal professional equipment: paint brushes, camera, raw materials or any other element you use, you have to be prepared for being successful. A handful of creative business cards are vital for making yourself remembered and starting business relationships in a proper way. You should also take care of your outside image. Updating constantly your social media might seem a loss of time but being able to drive audience from your Instagram, Flickr or Facebook accounts to your artist portfolio will put you ahead of your competition. Of course, you need a place to land all that audience and show your best works with class. Take a look at Worka, for hosting your online portfolio.

Your attitude is key

Being open and talkative, like in any business, allows you to connect with the people behind the client. Small demonstrations of what you can do with a good follow-up, can turn leads into clients. This is easier for some creatives than others. For example, photographers can take a camera with them and take group photos of casual walkers or tourists and show what they are capable of. Sending these pics by email will allow you to get the contact of the client and start a relationship.

Be active inside your community

Taking aside a portion of your week for reaching out to your neighbors can get you a few loyal clients. Focus your conversation on what they need and make sure that they will recall you every time they need your services. The services of a designer, illustrator or artist can be very recognized and respected in the right circles of influence. If they feel that you are focused on a client approach, they will redirect some of their business to you.

Take good care of your client

Reach your contacts every once in awhile and make sure they remember you without being too persistent. If your client is a firm or a corporation, they usually open up interesting projects yearly or quarterly, based on their budget organization. Make sure that you know those dates and act accordingly.

Focus on your perfect customer

Recurrent clients don’t usually come to you because of a promotion, so don’t rely on them for long-term growth. Keep in mind that the people that only use your services because of a good deal are less valuable than the ones that are attracted by the quality of your work. Learn to classify your customers and be aware of what your desired client needs. There are clients that you want to show on your online portfolio and others that don’t, turn your attention onto the former

However, being flexible with some of your regular conditions when needed will turn loyal some clients and create a tighter relationship. Once you do something for them, they will be very likely to hire you again as a payback. Again this is part of a quid pro quo thinking that embraces the client approach we have been talking about. 

Use your time wisely

Organize your week so you can do your normal work while following these advices. Group your tasks based on the distance from your headquarters, if you have them, and don’t be afraid to use different channels to increase your client base. Most of these ideas won’t lead you to an immediate growth in your revenue but in a long-term basis, you can see a big leap of recurrent customers staying in your portfolio.

Álvaro Serrano

Focusing on "The Client Approach" and its benefits
Article Name
Focusing on "The Client Approach" and its benefits
In Worka we are obsessed with improving the deal flow of the artists and creatives that are our clients.
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