Fashion Illustration and Social Media get tighter

Modern day society has affected almost every job. The internet and
social media are reaching across the world and leaving a mark.
Fashion illustration is no stranger to this. With the rise of Instagram,
Flickr and Pinterest, the barriers between professionals and
amateurs have eroded significantly. Illustrators with art degrees are
not the only ones that get hired and the sector has quickly adapted
to that.

Fashion Illustration is growing

Fashion Illustration emerged when photographers were not allowed into the runways. Many illustrators covered these events for magazines and newspapers and gave them a unique style. With the rise of digital photography, the industry saw a small decline of illustrators in the fashion mass media. Publications that use pictures are now faster, cheaper and higher quality thanks to technological advances. Nevertheless, this trend is reverting as most of magazines have been hiring more fashion illustrators to include a personal touch in their designs.

All this considered, it might be time to consider moving away from
digital content in order to focus more on pure artistic
drawings. Sometimes the subjective view of an artist unveils details
that even the best camera cannot take. It is true that experienced
fashion illustrators can earn top dollar for their unique point of view.
In the end, succeeding in this career is not easy, but the reward is
definitely worth it.

Catwalk Fashion Illustration

Photo by Kris Atomic

Social Media is the secret sauce

Fashion Illustration has changed a lot since its early days. Not only
the equipment and the techniques, but also head-hunting and getting
recognized have transformed drastically. Social media has become
the best weapon for talented illustrators that want to land a
job. Instagram has acted as a catalyzer for many hobbyist who
started side-projects and are now professionals. Many fashion
followers promote content by sharing, liking and commenting.
Therefore, head-hunters regularly use social media to look for new

Many creators left their former jobs when they reached popularity through social media and contractors started asking for their online portfolios. However, it is difficult to establish yourself if you do not have experience as a freelancer. Following your dreams gets hard when you don’t know where to set your prices or how to stand out in a sector with fierce competition.

Versatility has value

Expanding your skills and keeping yourself open to many different
opportunities is very beneficial. You don’t necessarily want to be
stuck in Fashion Illustration. Learning how to manage your social
media is crucial to making it to the next level. Understand the viewer that you want to appeal and drive that traffic to your online portfolio for turning them into permanent fans or clients. Nowadays there are dozens of top fashion creatives out there sharing their content constantly and using Instagram is a good way to keep the audience updated.


Good Personal Branding closes deals

Lastly, when a fashion illustrator is evaluated for a job, there is much more on the table that only the quality of drawing. Style and overall image is easily checkable through social media, so work on it! Employers hire a professional not just for their drawings but also for
their uniqueness. Creating a different personal brand in your online portfolio and social media accounts can really make the difference.



Featured Image by Joe Gardner.