Design is a big term that involves many elements. There are several categories inside it and the differences between professionals specialized in one or another branch are huge. In Worka we are well aware of that and that is why we are creating specialized content to cover all those needs based on our clients’ experience and our own.

Furthermore, in this category you will find all our publications about this sector, from A to Z. Tips, interviews, tools and any other content that will help you in your search for success. We are here to assist while you build your own future . No matter if your thing is graphic design, web design or fashion design, perfecting your online portfolio has never been easier.

Templates and appearance are not the only characteristics that will make you and your portfolio stand out. Make sure you know all of them and use them in your favor for becoming the creative you deserve to be.

December 4, 2017

Work-Life Balance Strategies for Freelancers

The bar has been set high, maybe too much. We are expected to have a social life, do sports, be up to date to the last chapter of the series on vogue, be aware of the last political news and of course spend quality time with the family. Balancing all these aspects of your life can be difficult. Moreover, if you are a freelancer the boundaries between work and the rest of the aspects can be blurry. Even more nowadays, as we are constantly connected to our tablets or phones answering emails or taking phone calls. That is why we will give some work-life balance strategies.

Work-like balance strategies make freelancers happier

Managing your time gives you freedom and control of your life – Photo Credit to Brooke Cagle

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Clear Web Design in My Birkenstock by Locomotive
September 28, 2017

Clean website design makes the difference

Experienced web designers surely know. Every few years the winds of change come and trends change. Gradually the requirements from your clients vary and staying updated is needed for keeping your business running. One of the most used techniques nowadays is the clean website design, where the use of spaces and content is key.

Despite several studies that relate the cleanliness of the web design to the success of the webpage in driving the audience to the right spots, we still see many creatives not using it in their sites. In Worka we are advocating for the simplest but most unique online portfolios. As it is said, content is king, so make sure it has a proper throne room.

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