Clean website design makes the difference

Experienced web designers surely know. Every few years the winds of change come and trends change. Gradually the requirements from your clients vary and staying updated is needed for keeping your business running. One of the most used techniques nowadays is the clean website design, where the use of spaces and content is key.

Despite several studies that relate the cleanliness of the web design to the success of the webpage in driving the audience to the right spots, we still see many creatives not using it in their sites. In Worka we are advocating for the simplest but most unique online portfolios. As it is said, content is king, so make sure it has a proper throne room.

Thoughtful & clean website design

In today’s web design the elements that you add or design are as important as the absence of them. Correctly applying concepts like grouping and spacing can be the difference of a mediocre design and a killer one. Use the space to draw the user’s attention to the key parts of your web or portfolio.

Many designers use grid layouts for structuring their site. These columns are very useful for creating your structure but the final result should have no column lines but good spacing.

Clear Web Design in Compulsion Games

Compulsion Games Home by

Choose your images

Less text and more visual content is imposing across sectors and countries. Whether you decide to use them as background, in sliders or as main content, images across your site and ads must follow some consistency. Good imagery can save you elements and make your web design look clean.

Take into account that big size images are preferred in terms of looking but they affect the speed of your page. One of the main purposes of a clean website design is reducing bounce rate and increase interaction. Long loading times will affect your bounce rate and damage your SEO rating. Optimize your images using tools like Kraken.


Excess of stimulus

Pop-ups, colorful ads and push notifications have become a common pain for internet users. They are usually too aggressive and negatively affect your user. Loud colors Turn your site or online portfolio as the peaceful place where they want to stay as much as possible and user’s behavior will get closer to ideal.


Make visitor’s life easier

Focusing on the client is one of the mantras here in Worka. At the end of the day you need them to keep your business running and putting them at the center of your actions is always positive.

Font type & consistency

More than two types is proven to be confusing for the user. Make sure there is consistency between the font types and in relation to he images and infographics.

Font size

Related to the hierarchy of the elements on your site. Mark the size of your H1, H2, etc. and stick to that.


Good combination is a must. Take some time to try ideas, even the most crazy ones. Use color for handing over all the spotlight to the content or make the color combination shine. Medium positions are usually mediocre.


Very related to the next section. Weight has to follow the font size and type. It affects the relevance of the content.


Most webpages are like stories, you have an introduction, the main content and the end. The higher and the bigger that one element is, the more importance for the user.

Clean Website Design U Sports Home by Locomotive

U Sports Home by

Test, test & test

Coming back to the beginning, web design is always changing. Take aside some time of your week to see what your competition is doing. Test your new ideas with specific sectors of your audience and measure the results. Don’t be afraid to run into mistakes for the greater good, it will pay off in the long term.




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