The Best Wedding Photography Tips for your online portfolio

Wedding photography is not an easy job. You need to capture one of the most celebrated days in a person’s life, with usually only a fraction of a second to catch each special moment. With over 6,200 weddings occurring each day in the United States, wedding photographers are in high demand. A couple will usually allocate 10-15% of their total budget to wedding photography, so it is very important that the bride and groom are satisfied in the end. Here are a few wedding photography tips from professional to abide by in order to capture the best possible memories from the day:

Prep Yourself

  • The first wedding photography tip is to prep yourself. You need to make sure you have to have the right camera and lens. Professionals suggest a DSLR camera with a wide angle lens set to an F/8 aperture. The camera should be set to “burst” and should have a fast shutter speed in order to quickly capture multiple photos at a time.
  • Beforehand, go and scout out the area. You won’t want to waste any time familiarizing yourself with the area on the wedding day.
  • Technology is truly amazing today – when scouting out the area use the Sun Seeker App to track the sunlight for the best natural lighting locations.

Prep the Couple

  • It is so important to first to talk with the bride and groom to discuss their expectations. A mood board is a great way to get an idea of exactly what the couple wants to see when they look back at their pictures. Have them pick out examples of photos that they like.
  • Make sure they note what it is that they like about each photo that they choose (lighting, background, poses, etc.). Use these ideas to plan the photos for their day.
  • One of the most practical wedding photography tips is to teach your clients simple, specific poses for the photos ahead of time. This will make them feel more comfortable in front of the camera and enables smoother and faster transitions between pictures so that you can make the most of the little time you have with them.

Prep Your Team

  • Make sure your team of photographers has an itinerary of the day. Use to make sure that everyone’s camera settings are set to the same time. This way, each picture can be organized later in chronological order.

Prep the Wedding Guests

  • Don’t forget to prep friends and family as well. Although they are not the stars of the show, they serve as important parts of the memories of the day.

Lighting and Background

  • Professionals use light stands and other complex setups, but these do not allow the flexibility to shoot anywhere in the venue in order to capture the more organic moments of a wedding.
  • One of the best lighting methods can actually be a portable flash. Indoors it allows you to perform bounce lighting, a method that directs light away from the subject.
  • The closer you can get your light source to the subject, the softer the light will be and the more dramatically bright they will appear. A more portable flash will make this more feasible.
Wedding Photography close up

Photo by Ryan Brenizer

  • Backlight can be an important tool for wedding photography if you can use it to your advantage. Let a bright backlight wrap around your subjects to create a striking frame so that they stand out against it.


  • With all these tips in mind, it is important to remember that this is an organic and joyful day as well.
  • Your mindset should be to consider yourself more of a photojournalist than just a portrait photographer.
  • Planning is important, but it is also important to capture the spontaneous and unrefined moments as well. All of the pictures together create a story of the special day.
wedding photography

Photo by Ryan Brenizer

Wedding Photography Tips for Marketing Yourself

  • This is an extraordinary day for the couple, but don’t forget it is also an opportunity to promote your own wedding photography.
  • Try to mark some of your favorite images on your camera throughout the day. Later, at the entrance to the reception set up a slideshow of your photos. Leave some business cards there in order to showcase your work from the day and stir up more business.
  • One of the most important wedding photography tips is to build your profile online so that others can view your work.




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