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Young lady looking at the camera. Fashion Illustration
September 29, 2017

Fashion Illustration and Social Media get tighter

Modern day society has affected almost every job. The internet and social media are reaching across the world and leaving a mark. Fashion illustration is no stranger to this. With the rise of Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest, the barriers between professionals and amateurs have eroded significantly. Illustrators with art degrees are not the only ones that get hired and the sector has quickly adapted to that.

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Clear Web Design in My Birkenstock by Locomotive
September 28, 2017

Clean website design makes the difference

Experienced web designers surely know. Every few years the winds of change come and trends change. Gradually the requirements from your clients vary and staying updated is needed for keeping your business running. One of the most used techniques nowadays is the clean website design, where the use of spaces and content is key.

Despite several studies that relate the cleanliness of the web design to the success of the webpage in driving the audience to the right spots, we still see many creatives not using it in their sites. In Worka we are advocating for the simplest but most unique online portfolios. As it is said, content is king, so make sure it has a proper throne room.

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Featured Image Model Photo Shoot
September 21, 2017

Best tips to own your model photo shoot

There are fewer jobs with less by-the-book sets of skills than being a model. The pressure of a model photo shoot makes ordinary people melt down . Furthermore, not constantly improving your skills will make you be one step behind in the medium term. In Worka we are passionate about our clients so we did a little research among our models and photographers for getting the best tips from the models point of view.  We have divided the article into three main sections: before the model photo shoot, during the model photo shoot and after it. You always have room to improve and improvise, be ready to do it with ease and grace with these tips.

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Places to find inspiration- Caminito del Rey canyon
September 14, 2017

Inspirational places – Caminito Del Rey

Finding inspiration can be challenging for creatives. Pushing yourself unnecessarily will lead you to frustration and maybe to a spiral of negativity. Sometimes what you need is a break and getting ideas from new environments and cultures. Worka’s team has gone through that struggle and we want to share some spots and communities that have helped us through this ongoing series of “Inspirational places”.

In Worka we are passionate travelers and we are always looking for new and exciting places to visit. There are thousands of cool corners that are waiting for being discovered. Following several blogs and Instagram accounts is a good way to keep in touch with travelling and start planning ahead. Today, we want to show you the “Caminito del Rey”, a unique site to get some good inspiration to keep feeding your portfolio with content.

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August 2, 2017

Focusing on “The Client Approach” and its benefits

In Worka we are obsessed with improving the deal flow of the artists and creatives that are our clients. Making a living out of your work is not always easy and some very good creatives have to abandon their passion because they can’t create a revenue stream big enough for turning it its main activity. Some of them have real talent so it is not because of their work. One of the main causes is how to market and sell themselves. This is why creating a personal brand is so important. In this article we plan to dive a little into this problem and explain what we call “The Client Approach ”.

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