Aerial photography

A new point of view, frightening pictures, angles that we could not explore before, etc. It is the best time to explore aerial photography and upgrade your work to the next level. Creatives around the world are taking advantage of the huge improvements in terms of price and performance of all the devices that allow you to explore the limits of your imagination.

In here you will find content useful for getting into the best aerial photography techniques and equipment.  This is a new source of revenues that many freelancers are switching to due to its premium pricing and high demand.  Take advantage of one of the main trends among the artists around the world.

Not only the set but the inspiration, creativity or artistic quality of your work will be tested if you want to be considered among the best. If you are new, this will be a process. Sometimes slow and painful but fascinating. No matter what, we will be there every step along the way.

January 12, 2018

Inspiring Artists: Top 5 Photographers

The objective of the series of articles “Inspiring Artists” is to find artwork (either photography, illustration or video) that inspires us and create compilations. We hope this articles are helpful to find inspiration and useful to get to know different artists.

This is a compilation of five artists that have inspired us with their art. Originality, humanity or an environmental concern are some of the main reasons we found to select them. They have different backgrounds and styles, but what matters is the meaning of their art and why it inspires us.

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aerial real estate photography
November 14, 2017

How real estate photography can make the sale of your home

An estimated 60 million people visit New York City every year, and they all need a place to stay in the city. In the past, the obvious choice was a hotel. Nowadays, many people look to Airbnb for short-term lodging in the city because oftentimes it provides a cheaper and more comfortable alternative. Many people have offered up their homes to strangers on Airbnb to make some extra money. “Inside Airbnb” is an independent database that tracks Airbnb’s metrics and analyzes its impact on the residential housing market. The site reports that there are 41,187 Airbnb listings just in New York City. So, how can a listing stand out in such a crowded market? The answer is real estate photography.

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Drone Aerial photography
August 2, 2017

The lens is above your head with aerial photography

¡Drones! Yes, we are going to talk about a new tool that more and more creatives are using for expanding their online portfolio. Aerial photography gives audience a new vision that does not experience normally and it usually provokes a big effect on them. Discovering patterns and new angles while using a drone is one of the most fun experiences that you can have as a photographer.

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