7 Online Portfolio Tips for Creating the Definitive One

Online portfolios are the face of your work for many artists and creatives around the world. They show the quality of your creations, the originality of each project and your overall experience. It’s the alpha and omega of your image and it is usually the main way that contractors use to evaluate you. That is why every meaningful artist has created an online portfolio or a site where you can visit their most impressive creations. In Worka, we are determined to save you time and money with the following online portfolio tips.

For a long time, creating a top-notch online photography portfolio required knowledge on coding and implied endless trials in a local server. With the surge of several online tools with cloud hosting, life is now easier. However, that only means that competition has increased like never before. Rates have plummeted in several sectors as there are more people than ever fighting for the same job. Making your work stand out in the noise will require a thoughtful strategy that will save you time and increase your earnings.


Plan your objective

Firstly, you have to set your goal. You can read all the online portfolio tips in the world but still miss the aim of it. Depending on your final intention you may want to:

  • Sell something
  • Create a personal brand
  • Showcase your art
  • Get hired

Once you choose the core message you want to send and the actions that your audience should take, start working towards that goal. You can read all the online portfolio tips in the world and not improving if you don’t think your strategy first. Many artists realize a few months after launching their site that there is a dissonance between their real objective and the final perception of the audience, don’t be one of them.


Make your work shine

The most important thing here is creating a design attractive but simple enough to let your work be the center of it. Don’t overthink the smallest parts and focus on making the main ones as important as possible.

Tested themes are the key here. Online portfolio tools allow you to upload your work to a website in no time and with no effort. However, uniqueness is key for being attractive. More often than not the design options you are provided with are too many or too few what makes most portfolios look alike. The most followed online portfolio tips are related to space and simplicity. Nevertheless, show your personality by trying something new that reflects your spirit and that will make you remembered.

Online Portfolio Tips photographer in front of a mirror photography portfolio

Photograph by Ludomil Sawicki

Show your best and place it well

Don’t hesitate to spend time deciding which projects you should include. Keep this number low as you only need your best pieces to be online. Most of visitors will skim your content until they find something really appealing, so make sure that you place those images and videos in strategic parts of the customer journey.

Starting strong will need an end at least as good. The first things that your potential customers or contractors see have to capture their attention. Moreover, they have to invite them to know your creations. A good combination of works that have been served to clients and your self-started ones will give a better insight of your creative process.


Tell your story

As I have said earlier, good imagery will surely capture your audience’s attention. However, it is the story you tell in the copies what will make the desire come to the surface. Don’t hesitate to tell the story of each project and make clear all the important information about it.

If your mother tongue is not English, try to have an English version as it is the main language for creatives around the world. It is also important to pay attention to types of fonts, sizes and colors. Don’t give your reader any excuse to skip your texts despite being in a video or photography portfolio!


Make a distinctive bio

You bio page should present yourself briefly and make your personal brand stick in your audience’s mind. There are always stories that define you in a memorable way that should be included. Regarding design, remember that all your pages must have some level of concordance and be part of the same story.

Save a good spot for your prizes, awards and scholarships as they will add more authority to your profile. Education degrees and courses can be also included if they give a better insight of you as a professional. A photography portfolio is not only about images, work on your written content.

Online Portfolio Tips cup of coffee in a wall

Never miss an opportunity to show some creativity. // Photograph by Marion Michele

Update your online portfolio

Keeping your photography portfolio updated is key for your audience to see what you are up to. If your projects stay stagnant for too long, your place may look abandoned. Moreover, the evolution of your work can appeal to your next contractor.

One of the most interesting online portfolio tips that we have received from our clients is that some professionals just divide the content of their big projects in parts and upload them every few weeks.


Keep them hungry and eager to contact you

Your contact form, either if you put it inside the bio or not, should be the natural action of the type of visitors that you need to appeal to. You want to show how good you are and why they need to hire you. Make sure that they have that feeling at the end of the journey and that they will want to be your clients.


The rest is on your content ;).

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7 Online Portfolio Tips for Creating the Definitive One
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