April 16, 2018

Goldie helps you build your online portfolio

At Worka.io our goal is to constantly improve to offer the best service to our creatives. We created an online portfolio tool for improving the situation of many professionals that waste resources and cannot find a good quality site to show their art. That’s why your feedback is very important for us so we can keep moving forward. Every time we change something, we love to publish the new features and releases on our blog.

Our most recent adding is an onboarding to guide new users across the different functionalities of Worka. Goldie, our goldfish, has the task of showing you around to help you start at Worka.

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instagram travel photography account
March 22, 2018

Instagram Travel Photography: Interview halfhalftravel

Instagram travel photography is the thing now. Nowadays there are several possibilities to travel at a low price to exotic places thanks to low fare airlines or couch surfing. Therefore, it is easier than ever to start at travel photography.

Photography influencers are gaining importance at the most visual social network. Some of the Instagram accounts with the highest number of followers are focused on shooting travel experiences at amazing and photogenic places. All these accounts will give you wanderlust for sure, some accounts will even make you jealous (in a good way) like @halfhalftravel. Today, we are excited to interview them about their experience.

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Eamon Everall template home
March 6, 2018

Template Release – Eamon Everall joins the family!

Improving and iterating based on the feedback we receive are two of the main goals for Worka at this point. We are aware that his awesome journey has just started. That is why we are glad to announce another small step towards greatness. We promised that we were going to release one template every month and we are determined to fulfill this assurance. Our aim is to create themes specially designed for each creative profile and taste so everyone can find the right fit.

Easiness of use is one of our mantras here in Worka, creatives often lose their focus with secondary activities such as finance management, instead of visiting new places or testing new ideas. We want to get rid of all those distractions and let you work on your career while we take care of your online portfolio. This concept is translated to Worka’s templates and Eamon Everall is not different.

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money management is key for freelancers
February 21, 2018

Money Management Tips for Freelancers

Money management is normally not a simple task and less for freelancers whom for example do not get taxes deducted out of their paychecks every month. Freelancers can incur in debt if they do not manage their money properly.

Journaling expenses, budgeting or having an emergency fund are some of the strategies to improve money management. Moreover, you will stop worrying about finances and will be able to enjoy more your free time.

money management can improve your motivation

Make your money management something that boosts your motivation – Photo Credit to Raw Pixel

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Inspirational Places - Iceland
February 12, 2018

Inspirational Places – Doing Travel Photography through Iceland

In our previous article of this series, we presented you ‘El Caminito del Rey’, one magical spot in the South of Spain that you should definitely visit for finding some new ideas or reflect a bit. However, inspirational places are very different from one another. In my case, I have found the same motivation that allowed me to move forward in both cold and warm environments. One of the best countries you can visit as a creative is Iceland.

A very unique state as it is placed right by the Arctic Circle and it is one of the few volcanically active nations in the world. This creates amazing landscapes and situations where you just want to pull out your camera and capture every moment. Actually, Iceland is growing in popularity as a tourist destination, despite that, you will find an intact nature and no crowds. This perfect spot for travel photography is home of some 330,000 open inhabitants and it can become a turning point in your career. Get ready to pack some equipment and explore Iceland!

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